Garmin Zumo Headset issue

I was a little bit playing with old motorbike navigation Garmin Zumo 390.

Shortly: The device is slow to use (search address) in 2021, but maps are still up to date due to lifetime support. There is even enough memory to contain all files for "CN Europe NTU All North + South" data. It's still usable for supporting your motorbike trip.

There is a present Bluetooth protocol on model Garmin zūmo 390LM. At the same time, there is no support for media play/control. Well, who could imagine Spotify in the year 2015? Bluetooth is not suited for any other connection with your mobile phone except calls (only headset mode available). Forget about Garmin Connect / SmartphoneLink / Drive.

You might expect that so old protocol is working without any problems, but... I had to connect (via Bluetooth) to Zumo navigation both my phone (Galaxy S21) and supported headset (Jabra BT3030) since when you are missing one of them then is displayed following error message:

English: No Headset connection found. Phone call service is not available. Please connect a Headset.
Czech: Nebylo nalezeno žádné připojení sluchátek. Služba pro telefonní hovory není dostupná. Připojte sluchátka.

The key information is "supported headset". I tried to plug to Garmin my newest headphone Galaxy BudsLive but these are not "enough" compatible. Apparently old A2DP or similar is needed.

I stayed by using this Garmin Navigation in visual mode only. I withdraw from the idea of using voice commands. If I need sound instructions then I set separate navigation via my headphones from my phone. Another challenge is to match them with visual instructions by Garmin. It is quite puzzling when I am receiving the opposite information, but it is working well most of the time.

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