How to set up Eduroam at University of Vaasa or elsewhere

I was lately moved from Czech republic to Finland when my exchange program starts. It was change of absolutely anythink in live. So one of these changes is group of people around me and their technical skills. This is reason why to publish first tutorial in English about putting work on Eduroam WiFi.

Eduroam is academic wireless network spreaded over majority of universities over the world. Principe is in idea, that you don't must to set up your connectivity on every place which you are visiting.  This is great option to get internet access on many parts of world or at least Europe.

Please folow several easy steps to have permanent access to this network:

1. First, connect Eduroam with your device

2. Next there will be showed page with technical issues or you must to call it manually.

3. Then you must change verification phase 2 to protocol MSCHAPv2.

4a. Fill your username (or login) followed with symbol @ and domain name of your home university (should be like website without www)

4b. Or you can also use local credentials with login@student.uwasa.fi

5. Anonymous indentity is not filled
6. To password field please insert your password.

So there are only few steps, but you will get many benefits of connecting to the academic world. Enjoy it! There is also possibility to set up VPN connection (tutorial in Czech with pictures)

If you need more help or you are try to connect from another type of device, try tutorials from University of Ostrava and just use another credentials.

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