Azure Classic Select-AzureSubscription Error

No default subscription has been designated. Use Select-AzureSubscription -Default <subscriptionName> to set the default subscription.

Select-AzureSubscription : The subscription id doesn't exist.
Select-AzureSubscription : The subscription name doesn't exist.
Select-AzureSubscription : Parameter set cannot be resolved using the specified named parameters.

Add-AzureAccount : No subscriptions are associated with the logged in account in Azure Service Management (RDFE). This means that the logged in user is not an administrator or co-administrator for any account

Add-AzureAccount : AADSTS50074: Strong Authentication is required.

I had the following problems with Setting the default subscription because of two reasons. For this you need to have set co-administrator rights

Solution: Add classic administrator role inside AAD for user you are using to log in. Azure Portal > subscriptions > subscription - Access control (IAM) > Classic administrators > Add > Add co-administrator and try again!

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