CoolPad Porto E560 drivers & firmware

I get this phone for free from friend because it had broken screen but after some time I decide to use motherboard in another phone, so I have to turn device on but I found that phone is locked by pattern and I need to get rid off it. So how to remove forgotten lock gesture?

First I tried one of milion advices on the Internet but they didnt work especially "wipe data/factory reset" method, so I decided that I need to reflash firmware inside. You need to download driver + firmware package (mirror), marked also as Coolpad_Sky_Mini_E560 Password is www.firmwarelink.com

What to do next? Install driver from ZIP file. Basically it is same package as is located on phone virtual CD-ROM drive. It contains regular MTP driver, but also ADB and Bootrecord driver, so you need all of them. 

Next is instalation of YGDP tool. When is installed enter it by "password" 369. Then click to Config and select file from ZIP - no more selection needed. After this click on start and software starts to wait for phone in proper bootmode.

How to put device to right mode? First is nessesary to turn it off and start it with magic combination with holding VOLUME UP and POWER button until special menu is selected.

Usually it is enought on Android device to only press "wipe data/factory reset" and phone is correctly deleted with all user data but I dont know why but it didnt work on my CoolPad Porto E560.

So we are in recovery mode where you should go to option "Restart to bootloader mode" and wait until computer recognize correct driver. At the same time when is installed YGDP app starts to be ready for upload firmware file. 

In next step phone asks you for confirmation of flashing and after this it takes 10 minutes to upload to phone, install and restart. So this is all how to reinstall firmware on this already old phone. This step helped me to remove forgotten locking pattern.

Immediately when I connected device to internet it asked me for downloading OTA update, so I did it and phone is now in most updated version. I hope it helped you!

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