Vegetarian restaurants in Ostrava

It's not that easy, but it's manageable! Depends quite a lot if you are looking for lunch time offer or in permanent menu available anytime. I am referring to city-center places.


Number one place where to go is  Black Kale superfood bar. English is working there smoothly. Payment with card not problem. Food is served during day, but lunch offers are the best.

Vegetarian option is also daily at IQ Restaurant Ostrava. It's more like canteen than restaurant. English is working there smoothly. All meals are served if restaurant is open.

Special vegetarian food you can get also nicely in Burfi Ostrava.

Vegetarian restaurant which I didn't try yet is  "OM Café - vegetariánská restaurace a bistro" nearby main railway station.

Basic Czech cuisine and daily vegetarian and gluten free option is available at Restaurace Jindřiška during lunch time. No English service or menu there, but it's very cheap. Not anymore interesting when you are vegetarian-oriented but still place to go if you are glutenfree. 

More eastern traditional food you can get from Pelmeški. Vegetarian version are not a problem. I like the place and food personally a lot.

Radegastovna (at Masarykovo náměstí) is having one vegetarian meal as daily option during lunch time, but as I spot it's salad almost all the time.

Slezska P.U.O.R. should have also vegetarian lunch menu option regularly. 

Indian restaurant Makalu have also vegetarian meal daily. 

Karolina shopping mall food corner have some vegetarian options too. It's convenient to go there, English is force-able. Locals consider this place to go for food as lame.

Brocoli pizza and bowling is accessible in Koruna Pub (Ostrava - Poruba)

Premium restaurant Potrefená husa would be good tip, they have two vegetarian meals in daily offer, but well, it's fried cheese and salad all the time, so basically as any other place. 

Place to try is also "Zdravá Jídelna" at "Chelčického 5, Ostrava"

Some meals you may also get in healthy food store on tramstop Stodolní in direction of Elekra. (not tested)

Fast food

Well that's the option for eating fried cheese as our national food and obviously only one vegetarian meal available everywhere. Unusual is placing this cheese inside bun.

"Hungry window" or bistro is at Husův sad nearby to trolleybus stop. It may look suspicious but it's completely all right. They have vegetarian burger or Hermelín (blue cheese) in bun. Other quite same option is at first part Stodolní street, just few crowns more expensive.

Local thing to try are FÆNCY FRIES. No meat options available.

Unusual is also Fasta Pasta, where you can get meatless dip.

Falafel you can get from Salma kebab.

More ideas

Please drop them to comment zone.

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