Jawa 300 CL diagnostics OBD2 socket

New Jawa made in India by Classic Legends brings new subcontractors and new components than Czechoslovakian Jawa with well-known parts from AutoPAL Nový Jičín or Jikov České Budějovice etc.

Today I would like to focus on diagnostics connection to Jawa 300 CL (the model year 2020). Since it's a new motorbike there must be a modern communication standard used and it is, you can find there the OBD2 EURO5 6-pin diagnostic connector known as ISO/DIS 19689.

Diagnostics socket can be found under the lid on the left side of the motorbike close to the fuse box. There is a socket splitting into two connectors. The red one is a diagnostic socket marked on the label as Spark Minda MTWL WIRING VEHICLE DIAGNOSTIC-1 cust. part no. T1501RKW0050N. What I love the most is the type mark "Minda part. no SAMPLE Rev:1" as completely useless information.

Funny observation: this diagnostics plug is just an extension cable from another socket which heavily reassemble Yamaha OBD2 4 pin connector BUT there is "opposite sex socket" and actually different central protection key, so it can't be used.

Let's focus on pin-out and function:

 This red diagnostics connector cable has 3 input cables

  • black (picture as solid green)
    • position: left down (3)
    • meaning: GND
  • red+black (picture as black with white stripe)
    • position: right top (4)
    • meaning: +12V
  • yellow+black (picture as orange with white stripe)
    • position: left top (6)
    • meaning: K-Line - ISO 9141


Let's check the other side of the connector because it has 4 input cables with all the mentioned colors plus yellow+blue wire. One wire is lost in that Minda extension cable.

Don't get confused: Jawa specific OBD2 settings is visible on this video with preproduction Jawa Perák model visible because we see on video that there is used CAN BUS standard (ISO 15765-4) which is different from single wire K-line (ISO 9141) solution. There is also 6-pin motorbike socket on the video with different color scheme in the description which leads into conclusion of different plug standard used on Perák compared to the 300 CL or the 42.

So let's connect 300 CL to the computer: I am expecting you to want to connect on a standard 16-pin OBD2 diagnostics socket. Put plus pin to number 16 and minus to pin number 4. The data wire is plugged into pin number 7 known as "ISO9141 K-LINE". That's all - three wires are enough.

I was connecting with a very basic ELM-327 chip car diagnostic device connected into a computer with ScanMaster ELM software, but you can use also Bluetooth diag for connection to your Android phone. Just try it before on some other vehicle (suitable car) if it actually works.

The protocol for connection to Jawa 300 CL is ISO 14230-4 (KWP FAST) with baud rate 38400. That's all that you need to know. You can see RPMs and other data, which might be useful if you are debugging idle speed since the European version is quite sensitive for their levels.

The diagnostic socket is not under the electricity when a key is off, so you can leave your Bluetooth dongle there constantly, that's nice. I hope it helped. You can send me a coffee as a reward. 

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